The Brewers Congress is the UK’s premier industry gathering. The inaugural 2017 Congress will be held at the prestigious Institute of Civil Engineers at One Great George Street, off Parliament Square in London.

The Congress is organised by the Brewers Journal and is a evolution of the successful Brewers Lectures series.

Monday 27 November, 2017
08:00 – 17:30

One Great George Street, Westminster, London, SW1 3AA
The nearest tube station is Westminster

For delegates

The Brewers Congress brings together the leading and most influential figures of the industry from the UK and overseas. The speaker programme gives the most extensive and in-depth educational line up of any UK brewing conference, and all packed into one day.

The morning focuses on flavour trends, developments in ingredients and methodology with presentations from subject experts and pioneering brewers. The afternoon talks will address the business and branding side of working in a brewery with lectures from industry leading designers, trailblazing brewery owners, and experts in funding, regulation and more.

Tickets include attendance at all talks, hot food and drink throughout the day and a beer tasting in the afternoon intermission. It also includes access to the trade hall where industry suppliers will be exhibiting and demonstrating a range of products and services.

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The speakers

The Brewers Congress brings the most extensive and accomplished range of speakers to arm new and established breweries to make the most of this rapid growth industry.

The two morning sessions will focus on brewing ingredients, methodology, flavours and trends. Each session will include a panel discussion when the speakers are joined by other industry leaders to take questions from attendees.

The two afternoon sessions will explore brewing as a business. This spans brand identity, funding, regulation and expansion. Leading experts will give insights into the challenges of brewery growth, how to seize the opportunities in the fast paced market, and standing out from the crowd.

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For exhibitors

The Brewers Congress is the premier meeting of the UK and wider brewing industry. The Congress is a well crafted day of lectures and talks, with a trade exhibition in the Great Hall.

The Congress has grown out of the successful Brewers Lectures series that continues to bring inspiring talks across the UK every quarter. The audience for the lectures and expected at the Congress is made up of brewers and brewery owners, from both the very larger and the very small to the very old and the very new.

The exhibition space is limited to just 20 exhibitors plus sponsors and is shared with the catering and bars ensuring that there are extensive opportunities for delegates and exhibitors to network.

The exhibition hall is open to everyone for the morning coffee, the hot buffet lunch and the afternoon beer tasting. The hall is closed during the talks but exhibitors may bring guests into the hall during this time for private meetings.

Exhibitor space is very limited. To avoid disappointment contact our head of sales Jim Robertson today: Jim@rebymedia.com  +44 (0)1442 780 593

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The Brewers Congress is sponsored by the industry’s leading ingredient, equipment and expertise suppliers. Come along to meet them and find out more.

Gold Sponsors

The Brewers Congress is sponsored by the industry’s leading ingredient, equipment and expertise suppliers. Come along to meet them and find out more.

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